Ares FBI Mobile Biometric ApplicationApril 20, 2016, Manassas, VA, — InCadence Strategic Solutions is pleased to announce that our mobile biometric solution; ARES has been selected as a Finalist for the 2016 ACT/IAC Igniting Innovation Award. ARES is a micro-kit biometric collection and submission platform which has been designed to be capable of rapidly collecting biometrics, photographs, biographical data, packing and validating transactions and communicating with records databases on Android-based tablets or smartphones. ARES uses a secure SMTP to send transactions and a secure POP to receive responses. “Ares is a game changing technology for the Law Enforcement community at all levels,” said Anthony Iasso, President of InCadence. “Positive identification—knowing who you are dealing with—is vital for the safety of our law enforcement officers and for the general safety of the public. We are proud to put this important new capability into the hands of the men and women who protect and serve our nation.” A true breakthrough solution for law enforcement and security professionals, ARES permits on-scene validation and processing in a way that was previously unavailable or costly to perform. With ARES, if you have a signal, you have positive identification.

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