Manassas, VA (November 9, 2016) – InCadence Strategic Solutions Ares™ Mobile Biometric Application Program has been selected as Program of the Year at the 2016 GovCon Awards. The prestigious Program of the Year recognizes the most exemplary program among all finalists recognized at the 2016 GovCon Awards.  Ares is the FBI’s Mobile Biometric Application, deployed to agents worldwide. InCadence provides the Ares software as a commercial product, and supports the FBI Global Initiatives Unit with the integration of Ares into the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division enterprise.govcon-award-acceptance

“This is a fantastic and humbling recognition of the quality and innovation of the work InCadence is performing for our FBI customer. We are proud of each success story we hear about how Ares has been a game changer for the FBI agents who use it in their investigations.” said InCadence President Anthony Iasso.

This award comes on the heels of Ares™ other major recognition when it won ACT/IAC “Transformer of the Year” at the 2016 ACT/IAC Igniting Innovation Showcase.  Ares™ is a standards-compliant mobile biometric solution which allows users to submit biometrics directly to FBI NGI, Local, State AFIS, and other Government agency biometric repositories from Android devices. Results are returned in seconds anywhere where a user has a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. Ares™ further supports Criminal Enrollments (CAR), Ten Print Rap Sheet Requests (TPRS), Rapid
Fingerprint Identification Search (RPIS), Department of Defense and State and Local Transaction Types.

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