Participant and Protocol
Management System for
Clinical and Vaccine Trials

What is AIRMED?

AIRMED is a Clinical Trial Management System that enables vaccine developers to register and manage participants in vaccination and therapeutic medical trials. The software manages:

  • Biographic and Biometric (Optional) Registration of Participants
  • Protocol Scheduling and Follow-Up Visits
  • Printing of Barcoded Labels for Medical Sample and Paperwork Tracking
  • Customizable Vaccine Protocols and Multi-Phase Studies
  • ID Card and Biometric (Optional) Verification of Return Participants
  • Support for Multiple Clinical Locations and Site Appointment Scheduling

Case Studies

NIH NIAID Ebola Vaccination Program

AIRMED provides registration and participant management for the NIH NIAID Ebola Vaccination PREVAC Trial

NIH NIAID Malaria Observational Study

AIRMED provides registration and participant management for the NIH NIAID PROPEL Malaria Observational Study

AIRMED System Components

  • Portable ID Card Printer
  • Portable Label Printer
  • Windows 10 SurfacePro Tablet, Laptop or Workstation
  • Iris and Face Camera
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Barcode Reader

AIRMED Architecture

  • AIRMED Server can be hosted on premise or in the cloud
  • AIRMED Collection Tablets/Laptops can operate networked or occasionally connected
  • AIRMED synchronizes collected data automatically
  • AIRMED Server provides reporting and metrics information for your trial
  • AIRMED can be integrated with other back-end clinical systems
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