Ares™: The Industry Leading Mobile Biometrics Application

Advanced Fingerprint Software on Android Phones and Tablets for Government and Commercial Customers Worldwide.

Who Uses Ares?

Ares FBI Mobile Biometric Application

Ares is the FBI’s Mobile Biometric Application

InCadence provides Ares for use on the FBI’s Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets.

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The Javelin™ and Javelin+™ Rugged Biometric Modules

InCadence Ares JavelinInCadence’s Javelin (Fingerprint) or Javelin+ (Fingerprint + Iris), paired with the Juggernaut Defense CASE™ and a Samsung Phone, provides a complete ruggedized mobile biometric collection capability. The Javelin is an ideal solution for police mobile identification in the field, and the Javelin+ is designed for military operations which need both fingerprint and iris capability in a single phone-powered module.

How Can I Purchase Ares for My Organization?

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For Federal Law Enforcement

  • FBI EBTS 10.1 Compliant
  • Submit Directly to the FBI NGI or Agency AFIS
  • Receive Responses from DoD, FBI, and DHS in seconds
  • Supports Ten Print Rap Sheet Requests (TPRS)
  • Supports Criminal Enrollments (CAR)
  • Supports Rapid Fingerprint Identification Search (RPIS)

For State and Local Law Enforcement

  • FBI EBTS 10.1 Compliant
  • Submit Directly to Local, State, or Federal AFIS
  • Receive Responses from Local, State, DoD, FBI, and DHS in seconds
  • Supports Rapid Fingerprint Identification Search (RPIS)
  • Supports Ten Print Rap Sheet Requests (TPRS)
  • Supports State and Region-Specific TOTs and Responses

For The Department of Defense

  • Department of Defense EBTS 1.2 Compliant
  • Submit Directly to the DoD ABIS or SOFEX
  • Receive Responses from FBI, DoD and DHS in seconds
  • Supports Criminal Enrollments (CAR)
  • Supports Miscellaneous Applicants (MAP)
  • Supports Defense Print Rap Sheet Requests (DPRS)

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