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Multilingual Automated Registration System (MARS)

InCadence is the technical lead for the Multilingual Automated Registration System (MARS). This advanced biometric collection, storage and match system includes fingerprint and iris matching. It is built upon a fully multilingual user interface, and currently supports key languages including all NATO languages, as well as Arabic, Thai, Georgian, and others.


InCadence has developed Ares, a fast, light-weight Android biometric collection platform designed for use on Android Phones and Tablets. Ares provides support for the smallest, most compact fingerprint and iris collection technology in the marketplace, and produces Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT) files compatible with Law Enforcement and Department of Defense systems.

The UltraEngine

The UltraEngine is a scalable, high-performance multimodal biometric matching engine designed and implemented by InCadence personnel. The match engine, which is designed for those who need large-scale biometric matching on anything from mobile platforms to large-scale computing clusters. The design of the engine takes into account missions such as military checkpoint operations where troops have to efficiently match on large populations from the time they first reach the objective. In use by our military in the field today, the UltraEngine is battle-hardened, proven biometric technology.

Identity Associations Database (IADB)

Designed for law enforcement and military use, the IADB provides large-scale biometric and analytical identity data correlation. Biometric match results, as well as data miner plug-ins, piece together information automatically to assist investigators and analysts. The IADB is a core component of the Tactical Rapid Exploitation (T-REX) Portal, and drives Biometric Enabled Intelligence (BEI) and network analysis tools (shown right).

Expert Integration, Software and Systems Engineering Services

InCadence provides world-class biometric engineering, and personnel with more than a decade of designing and implementing the most advanced biometric systems operating in the field. We integrate hardware and software from many of the top vendors in the biometrics industry, and we are prepared to engineer new solutions or to tailor our existing technology to rapidly meet your organization's mission needs.
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