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National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

InCadence is a leader in designing and developing solutions that leverage this information exchange model. Our Vice President, Michael Daconta, launched NIEM in 2005 (in conjunction with the Department of Justice) when he served with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). InCadence has built NIEM Information Exchange Packages for Law Enforcement organizations and Intelligence agencies. InCadence has a long history of leading in the use of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) to include the design of the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization’s (MISMO) Electronic Mortgage format, the Coalesce data format used in our fielded Biometric Solutions and Personnel Security standards for the Intelligence Community. InCadence is a recognized leader in the development of information sharing solutions.

Knowledge Management

With federal employee retirements increasing, InCadence is the developer of the TPK Portal which is a Task, Project and Knowledge Management system. Initially developed for a Government customer, InCadence has commercialized the offering as either a standalone system or as a Cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. The TPK system captures status information, issues, show-stoppers, documents and lessons learned for all of an organizations projects and tasks. Additionally, TPK relates your documents, tasks and projects together and offers email notifications on status updates and other subscription events. By focusing your knowledge management around your day-to-day activities, an organization can confidently hand-off projects when people retire as their key lessons learned have been captured.

Data Integration and Federation

InCadence has expertise in the full data management lifecycle including data collection, aggregation, quality, brokering, transformation and visualization. InCadence engineers have experience in leveraging Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology to integrate disparate IT systems into a “single version of the truth”. InCadence can assist your organization with all its data management needs.

Data Standards and Metadata Design

InCadence personnel lead and participate in key data standards working groups across the federal government. Our Vice President, Michael Daconta, led the Inter-Agency working group that developed the Federal Enterprise Architecture Data Reference Model V2.0 and wrote key parts of the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) document that spearheaded the current revolution in Government Transparency. Today, InCadence assists customers in delivering the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time.

Advanced Information Management Architectures

InCadence Engineers are known for designing advanced Data and Information Management Architectures and to follow up that design with a solid implementation. InCadence has been called in to rescue large-scale IT projects where others have failed. InCadence is ready to support your toughest challenges – and succeed!
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