Project Description

Case Study – Axon Cloud Broker

Key Features

  • Management of Customers and Customer Solutions
  • Plug-Ins for Underlying Cloud Service Provider
  • Organization of Machine Images and Machine Instances
  • Configure, Provision, Start and Stop Virtual Machine Instances
  • Organize Solutions into Discrete Channels
  • See Metrics and Statistics About Your Cloud Deployment
  • Provide Role-Base Access to Customer Users
  • An Intuitive Graphical Web-Based User Interface
  • Operates on Commercial or Government Cloud


Simple, Fast Deployment and Management of Cloud Solutions

Axon is a cloud broker designed to help customers connect with the cloud. Through Axon, customers and cloud administrators can manage multiple customers and multiple solutions for each customer, while abstracting away the complexities of a cloud service provider's management dashboard. Configure whole solutions with drag-and-drop ease. Group system components such as application servers and database servers as a unified system in the Axon Toolbox. Create separate channels to host your solutions. Use the Axon Configuration Services to create linkages between system components, and let Axon do the work of hands-free configuration of the end solution.

Use Cases

Cloud Engineering

InCadence engineers build platform solutions like Axon using Cloud Service Provider API's. We also can transition your mission software to take advantage of modern cloud platform services for load balancing, elasticity, workflow, data processing, storage, queuing, and security.


InCadence can help your organization get started in the GovCloud today. We can configure and administer your accounts, migrate your solutions to the platform, and provide Axon for managing your cloud solutions.

Migration to Cloud

InCadence has proven experience migrating advanced n-tier solutions from dedicated hardware into the cloud. We can plan your migration, determine scale and scope of the resources required, assess the cost and work side by side with you to implement your move to cloud.
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