Project Description

Case Study – Case Management Systems


Advanced Case Management in a Modern Web Application

InCadence develops robust case management systems designed to support operations, cases, missions, units, users, and collected information in the context of military operations or civilian investigations. To produce the capability, InCadence engineers designed and developed the Coalesce Framework, an entity-based universal data model that serves as the scaffolding for all of the entities in the system. The application is web-based and includes Web 2.0 features and functionality.

Key Features

  • Management of Units, Users, Operations, Cases, and Collected Information
  • Posting of Biometric Enrollments and Automatic Association of Biometric Match Results
  • Collection and Organization of Forensic Evidence, Photo Galleries, Documents, and other Case Information
  • Automatically Plot Operations or Case Information to Google Maps
  • Link Individuals to Associates and Associated Information
  • Perform Analysis and Develop Link Diagrams
  • Collaborate with Comments, Notes, Watches and other Community Features
  • See changes to information you’re interested in on your Wall


Use Cases

Homeland Security

Emergency response management, port of entry security, border security, operational coordination and case management.


Rapid site exploitation, maritime interdiction, mission management, asset tracking, reporting, analysis, watch list alerts and incident investigations.

Law Enforcement

Case management, organization of crime scene evidence, collaborative investigations, fingerprint enrollment and rap sheet responses, and crime trend analysis.
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