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Where were you on September 23, 2008?

That's the day the Android operating system made its world debut. Not long ago at all. Yet today, over 1 billion Android-based devices have been activated. When it comes to development on new platforms like Android, our engineers jump right in. InCadence is developing advanced mission software for the Android platform, including software for biometric collection, site exploitation and software-based radio interfaces. We understand the modern development techniques necessary to build stable, highly capable software on Android-based mobile devices.

InCadence is Committed to Android

Power in Your Pocket

We’re building applications on Android that only a few years ago would require laptops or even desktop workstations. For example, with Ares, you can perform a full standards-compliant biometric enrollment of fingerprints, irises, photographs and contextual data on a device that fits in the palm of your hand. We are committed to elegant, easy-to-use user interfaces built on high quality, powerful code under the hood. Our engineers start with Use Cases and User Stories, where we work with customers to define the requirements and to mock up user interfaces. We then proceed with Agile Development, InCadence and our customers work closely to ensure that each piece of functionality is prioritized and implemented to meet user needs.

Android into the Architecture

Aside from the Android applications themselves, InCadence integrates Android devices and software into broader enterprise architectures. We connect Android-based applications to new or legacy servers and services through web services. We build server and data tiers to support Android mobile device applications. We connect Android devices to cloud and ensure that mobile platforms are built on scalable, reliable back end infrastructure. And we interface Android applications peripheral hardware such as sensors or communication devices, either physically tethered or through wireless technologies including Bluetooth.

Fingerprint Collection on Android

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