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Train Like You Fight... Fight Like You Train

If you've ever gone through military training, you know this saying. It's grilled into you from your first days at basic training and throughout your career in service. In any organization, the role of leadership is to train their personnel, so that when it comes time to execute, they are ready. InCadence takes training seriously, and we believe that the training tools and technologies, and the trainers who use them to train the force, are able to train like they fight, so that someday, when called upon, they will fight like they were trained.

We Put Boots On The Ground

Information Age Training Development

InCadence personnel produce advanced training products for distributed online learning. We configure Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) platforms consisting of industry-accepted Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as SABA or Moodle and develop course ware content using Training Development Systems such as the Distributive Online Management System and Related Software (DARS/C3). InCadence modelers use advanced suites of tools to produce models and render realistic objects and environments. We develop everything from training documentation and e-Books, to online courses, to realistic 3D training simulations.

Training Development in the Cloud

How many servers do we have to buy to set up a training development environment? The answer probably… none. InCadence has virtualized many of the Learning Management System (LMS) and Training Development System (TDS) components required to produce Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) to the Amazon AWS Cloud. We can stand up the back-end resources required to develop training materials in the GovCloud, and our customers only pay for the computing resources they need, for as long as they need them, to get the job done. For example, we can stand up a new Moodle instance, configure it for a particular training need, add users and content, and get your organization up and training quickly and efficiently.

Keeping It Real

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